State and City Administration

City and State Administration

Welcome to NWCOPRO Solutions, this page outlines the State and City listings Administration setup. Together we can build the best online information network of professionals and education for the pest and wildlife control industry. Hopefully, as a State Admin you will not only be able to help grow this network but actually, get paid to do it. As we all know – it takes money to build a truly great website. I believe that together we can do it! That is why I am willing to give up to 70% of the revenue to you. For the first time ever, as far as I know, those who are listed in the directory can actually get paid while there instead of PAY to be there.

For State Administrators

State listings are basically a list of states. Each state has its own unique page. Each State lists the cities in each state that fall into our guidelines of the top 5000 cities by population in the US, for instance, Louisiana has exactly 68 cities in the top 5000 cities by US population. Each City contains a pest control and a wildlife control company ranked number but can contain as many as you see fit. Normally though you will see just one. You can purchase the ability to be an admin which in turn gives you full authority to place the name of the provider or providers of your choice as well as editorial control over each city listing. You are also able to charge what you want or may list your own company. All of these abilities must fall within certain ethical and qualifying guidelines.

Guidelines for City Listings for State Admins:

  • The company listed must actually have a business license to legally operate their company in the area.
  • You assign City Admins and retain full editorial options of each listing (page).
  • You must charge the minimum fee however, this does not apply if you list yourself.
  • You must pay your State Admin fees.
  • You will earn 70% commision for each listing not including any you list yourself on if it applies.
  • You cannot remove 1 listing and replace it with another without a 90-day notice to the listee unless they disqualify themselves; for instance, they are convicted of a crime and can no longer legally operate their business or non-payment.
  • You cannot list more than one company or individual unless all parties agree. First party listing would remain in effect.
  • You cannot exceed 3 times the suggested amount, so if a city is listed at 5 dollars per month the highest amount you can charge is 15 even if a large franchise offers 400. Contact me if the pricing table needs an update but updates are NOT guaranteed.
  • High levels of legitimate complaints on any company or individual can get them banned from the site as well as all NWCOPRO Solutions State listings. NWCOPRO retains all rights to provide and or deny service listings site-wide in every capacity.
  • Don’t be evil – this website is about providing the best possible solution to the end customer.
  •  These rules are subject to modification as the need arises.
  • You do not have to disclose you’re status as State Admin.

For City Administrators

Guidelines for City Administrators for their respective City Listings:

  • You can list your company information, create and edit posts/blog pages as well as add media. You are in control of your listing however you cannot list other peoples information or re-sell access.
  • State admins can edit your content within reason and remove your content for non-payment or the conviction of a crime resulting in the loss of ability to legally operate your business or for a high number of legitimate complaints.
  • Don’t be evil – never create content to besmirch a competitor. Promote yourself, do not tear-down others.
  • Have fun!
Product categories

Ready to buy in on this deal? You can purchase a city listing admin or a state admin position, your choice! You will need to have a basic understanding of WordPress as you are purchasing the admin rights in a sense (with limitations of course) to either the State which include all cities or just a city listing within the state.

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    I recommend a state admin level but with costs as low as 5 bucks to be listed in the city listing level, this is a great time to buy in! Check out my NWCOPRO software at if you have time, that’s another one of my endeavors.

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