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Administration of the State of Alabama – includes all city administration for that state.

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As an administrator you have certain responsibilities, number one would be to maintain and list the best pest and wildlife control operators for any given city listings. You get paid to do this through revenue sharing. You will earn 70% of the fees you charge. You can list your own company in any city at no additional cost. You can list one pest and one wildlife company per city, however, there is only one person paying and one person with access to the city listing. I would encourage you to list the best, as this is not about the money. You must follow our pricing guidelines and cannot charge more than the highest recommended amount of 3 times the suggested price, but you can charge just the suggested lowest price.

You can charge people to edit their listing for them, but the cost to actually list them and give them access is based on our recommended guideline pricing structure. It is set up to earn you an income while being cheap enough that anyone can afford it. Pricing is based on population, and while this is a good indicator there are areas of value where the cost is very minimal in reference to its value.

As an administrator, you must be reasonably sure if not completely sure that the individual is actually licensed to legally operate the business and you must charge at least the minimum fee.


  • You must pay your State Admin fees.
  • You will earn 70% commision for each listing not including any you list yourself on if it applies.
  • You cannot remove 1 listing and replace it with another without a 90-day notice to the listee unless they disqualify themselves; for instance, they are convicted of a crime and can no longer legally operate their business for any reason and or for non-payment.
  • You cannot list more than one company or individual unless all parties agree. First party listing would remain in effect. If more than one listing occurs, it can only be one pest and one wildlife with only one of them actually responsible for payment and editing. Typically it would only be one anyway, but because some people only do one or the other (pest or wildlife) they can list an alternative provided they do not provide that service. An example would be, a listing for a wildlife control operator who wants to list a pest control company to refer work to.
  • You cannot exceed 3 times the suggested amount, so if a city is listed at 5 dollars per month the highest amount you can charge is 15 even if a large franchise offers 400. Contact me if the pricing table needs an update but updates are NOT guaranteed.
  • High levels of legitimate complaints on any company or individual can get them banned from the site as well as all NWCOPRO Solutions State listings. NWCOPRO retains all rights to provide and or deny service listings site-wide in every capacity.
  • Don’t be evil – this website is about providing the best possible solution to the end customer.
  •  These rules are subject to modification as the need arises.
  • You do not have to disclose you’re status as State Admin.
  • Violating these rule can get you removed as admin without notice and you will forfeit all revenue and listings, again – don’t be evil.

Based on the recommended pricing structure if all cities were sold for Alabama the projected income would be 661.50/month with 35.00 being the highest priced city and 5.00 being the lowest minimum city listing fee. If you charged 3 times the recommended and all cities were sold you would earn, 2551.50/month. There are 113 cities in Alabama listed in the top 5000 cities in the US by population.

The cost to own operate and administrate this state is a minimum of 283.50/month. This gives you full control over who lists in what city and an opportunity to earn an income from the same directory you’re listed in.

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