Everything you need to know about raccoon removal.

When you’re suddenly confronted with a raccoon problem around in the house it can be unsettling. This website was designed to help you understand what you can do to get rid of the raccoon problem in your home and to help prevent a future occurrence. Do not just wait till dark and seal the hole, sometimes trapping them may not even be necessary. Raccoon eviction paste or fluid can get rid of a female with young when used properly without even trapping them.

We recommend a professional perform this work, and you can find one here. We also recommend you learn all you can to avoid getting ripped off in the process.

Prices for raccoon removal and remediation can be from one end of the spectrum to the other, meaning prices can be relatively cheap or so expensive you might think they are using gold bars to entice the raccoons out and this may require complete replacement of the insulation in your attic!

Let’s take the mystery out of raccoon removal, and maybe have some fun. Remember the goal is to get rid of the raccoons and keep them out for good. So let’s start with the real issue.

The structure – the raccoons nesting area…


The raccoons got in from somewhere, and that means there is an opening large enough to allow them to get into the attic, or maybe into the wall void. Often times raccoons will get into a chimney or under the tub. People assume we have taken over their habitat making life hard on them. The truth is, humans create a better safer environment for them to raise young and thrive. The structures we build are often a safer place to hide their young in far away from other predators. We also provide an abundance of food sources, and water.

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